How to cope with exam stress

Exam anxiety impacts every student to some extent. The months of preparation, along with an increasing fear of how critical the results may be to their future chances, can cause many students to become nervous and unhappy. Examophobia is a medically recognized illness that causes many students to be unable to take any type of academic test due to their high anxiety levels. Fortunately, most students may utilize tactics to ensure that the pressure does not become too high, and that they are able to make the most of their revision time and perform to their greatest ability in their exams.


Keeping things in perspective is perhaps the most important thing to accomplish. Exams are important, yet you may have a great life regardless of your scores. In the run-up to an exam, it can feel as if the results you get would determine your entire career, but this is simply not the case. Prospective employers will be interested in your social skills, confidence, and experience in addition to your academic achievements.


You should try to make the most of the time between now and your tests. This necessitates the creation of a revision timetable. Here, organization is key: you should attempt to spend the most time on the subjects in which you are weakest. It's critical that you be completely honest with yourself here and assess your own ability. Because your previous work will show you which portions of the curriculum you are weakest in, you will know which areas require the most attention. If you don't make a work plan that focuses on these areas, you'll likely spend more time on the sections of your course that you're most comfortable with and neglect the ones that require the most attention.