Frequently Asked Question

Are payments made from the app secure?
All payments made on the app are secured. Card details are not stored without client’s permission
What is the cost of the app and frequency of payment?
The cost of the app is charged to the school/care center. Users can however make payments on the app to the caregiver based on the caregivers preferred payment plan: monthly, quarterly or annually. To get more details on the price click here and send us an email or send us an email at
Is the app available on the IOS App store?
The initial release of KidyView is restricted to Android devices mainly due to higher number of android devices/users. However, the IOS version of KidyView will be available on App store in a few months.
Can I share the feeds on other social media platforms like twitter, Facebook & Instagram?
Yes. You can share feeds from KidyView on twitter, Facebook & Instagram
Can I download/save the daily reports to my device?
Reports are generated in html format. They cannot be downloaded to your device but you can always view previous reports from the calendar on the app.
Will I get notification if an authorized third party picks up my kid?
Yes. A key objective of the app is to ensure that registered parents are always notified about the check in /out of their kids by persons other than themselves.
Can my kid be checked in & out numerous times a day?
Yes. The app is designed to track your child’s attendance status at all times in the care center.
Can I manage different kid groups with one teacher profile?
Yes. The app is interactive and enables the teacher to move between groups as long as they have been assigned by the web admin to those groups.
Can I authorize a Nanny or other third party to pick up my child on a long term basis e.g. weekly or monthly without generating a code everyday?
Yes. It is possible to do this but it will have to be authorized by the caregiver. Parents will always be notified on the app with each drop off & pick up.
Can I see the attendance status of every kid registered in the app at a glance?
Yes, the web admin of the care center will see all kid’s status at any given time in addition to being able to use the teacher app.
Can I assign kids/teachers to more than one group?
Yes. The web admin is able to define & assign teachers & kids to more than one group at a time.
If someone steals my phone, will they be able to send check out code to a third party?
Unfortunately, Yes if they have your login details to the app. Otherwise they would not be able to access your profile on the app.
If I lose my phone/device, how can I deactivate my profile to prevent someone else from accessing my feed/generate check out code on the app?
You can reach the care center admin who is able to deactivate your profile. Additionally, KidyView helpdesk will be able to assist. Just send us an email at
If I have problems using the app, who can I contact for help?
KidyView has a dedicated helpdesk whose contact can be found on the website. Also you can Just send us an email at
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